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Lynnette Smick

Founding Partner

Lynnette has been running Fiery Crone Medicinals through Facebook for many years, and continues to make her tried and true line of products.
She is the heart of Untamed Fire, and the reason for taking the leap forward.
Using her passion and Kitchen Witchery, Lynnette leads the way when it comes to the spice & tea blends, as well as many other Untamed Fire label items.

She has a talent for connection with all types of people and will often offer pendulum healing to those that may need it.


Megan Boles

Founding Partner

Megan has been making and selling gemstone jewelry under the Mystical Stone Designs label, and is a DoTerra consultant.

She has a passion for alternative wellness, and loves combining crystals with herbs & essential oils to boost overall health.

When the opportunity came to begin Untamed Fire with Lynnette, Megan could finally see a path forward and a future that could be fulfilling. She truly values the community and connection that the business has brought.


Chelsea McCall


Chelsea has been the Owner-Operator of PeachScum Art since shortly after moving to the Salinas Valley in 2016. She's a talented free-hand artist, specializing in Goth/Pop-Culture style painting.

Lynnette and Megan fell in love with her spirit, and knew that she was the "Three" that Untamed Fire needed! In January of 2022, she began working with Untamed Fire, and by June, she was asked to be an official Owner of the company.

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